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You know I said I was a Take That fan?

Well I really was. Am. Always have been.

Here’s the proof… Continue reading



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On choosing a first dance

Everyone has an opinion about weddings. The “right” way to do them, the “wrong” way, what’s symbolic and what’s just plain tacky. A bit like parenting, weddings can divide and bring together.

And that is exactly why we’ve had such trouble choosing our first dance.

We’re not particularly traditional people. We did everything the wrong way round to start with, having a baby first and all. And we’re not getting married in a church. So I was all for ditching the first dance altogether. But then I realised the endless possibilities. Continue reading


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The day I met Mr Tumble

My life is complete. Seriously.

Forget the fact I have a beautiful daughter, am getting married to a wonderful man and do a job I love. None of that matters. Because I have interviewed Mr Tumble. Continue reading


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That’s show business

I eat my words.

After waxing lyrical about becoming the best thing since Gary Barlow, it turns out I’ve been upstaged. Before today I was, quite literally, an A lister as far as my baby was concerned. As soon as I broke into song Frog’s face broke into a smile. If I did a dance for her, she positively bounced with excitement.

But now she’s realised I’m not cool. I’m like the Spice Girls after Geri left; deflated and a bit less glittery. Continue reading


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The real Gary Barlow

The best thing about having a baby is becoming a pop star.

And a comedian. And generally, the best entertainer of all time.

In my head, I’ve always sounded absolutely fabulous. I’m the sixth (and only female) member of Take That. I just haven’t been discovered yet. In reality, though, I expect my friends and family probably would say something quite different.

Baby Frog hasn’t yet realised I have a voice that could smash a window. As far as she’s concerned, it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever heard. I love that about having a baby.

It’s not all rosy though. For some reason (disloyal child) she seems to find her Daddy more entertaining. I could put on a whole show for her, singing and dancing, while all he has to do is smile and she’s putty in his hands. I hate to be upstaged (Competitive Mum again I’m afraid).

So I choose to believe that it isn’t because I have a rubbish voice. It isn’t because I’m a rubbish dancer. It isn’t because she doesn’t like Take That (my main repertoire of tunes). It’s simply because her Daddy has a funny face. Who can blame her really?


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