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Would you go abroad without your children?

Photo Credit: Trislander Sunset by Neil Howard
Tomorrow morning I am going to board a plane and fly 4,652 miles to Havana, Cuba. Without my daughter.
I’ll be with my husband. But not my 19 month old child. We’re leaving her at home with her grandparents. Continue reading


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The woman who started it all

There’s a woman who lives in Derby. She’s 87, has five children and is extremely kind. She’s also rather funny and far too generous for her own good.

Her name is Nana, or Anita if you want to get all formal.

One of my earliest memories is receiving a present. I was about two and a half and this present was pretty much the most amazing present I could have ever imagined. It was a huge doll called Lucy, which Nana had lugged on the train all the way from Derby to Bristol. I still have her now (although she has a little less hair after I decided to practice my hairdressing skills on her as a teenager). Continue reading


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She’s so lucky

When I told my mum I was pregnant with Frog, the first thing she said to me was “But I’m not ready to be a Grandma yet”.

Not quite the gushing words of congratulations I was hoping for. Continue reading


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The day I realised I was a proper grown-up

The party starts here

I realised something this weekend: I am officially a grown-up.

Not a pretend one, who goes to work and attempts adult responsibilities like paying bills. But an actual real grown-up.

It was during Frog’s 1st birthday party that this realisation dawned on me. After spending the previous 24 hours baking and cooking and blowing up balloons and making party bags, I was (rather unsurprisingly, I think) gagging for a drink. A grown-up drink. Continue reading


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