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The end of my marriage?


That word will either conjure up nostalgic memories of being at one with nature, free in the open countryside, with the fresh smell of morning dew in your nostrils as you wake at dawn. Or it will conjure up pure, unadulterated panic.

It’s a fact of life – just as there are dog people and cat people – there are campers and non-campers. Continue reading



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Guest post: A living hell

My second guest post of the week is from the adorable, award winning and very funny Northern Mummy with Southern Children.

Since I started this blog just over a year ago, Jane has become a very good friend. She is genuinely one of the wittiest, no-nonsense and funny people I know. This is something I’m sure my northern husband would attribute to the fact she’s not from the south. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled to welcome her over to my place…


Hang on, let me adjust a second. There, that’s better.

Sorry it is just Molly’s blog is so much quieter than mine, it caught me off guard momentarily. I am not used to being in a space that is dominated by only one baby, whereas my blog is getting slightly over crowded with my three rather ‘exuberant’ children. Continue reading


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Would you go abroad without your children?

Photo Credit: Trislander Sunset by Neil Howard
Tomorrow morning I am going to board a plane and fly 4,652 miles to Havana, Cuba. Without my daughter.
I’ll be with my husband. But not my 19 month old child. We’re leaving her at home with her grandparents. Continue reading


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T is for Turkey

It’s 10 o’clock at night and we’ve just landed in Turkey. It’s our first family holiday with our baby, who is 9 months old. Despite my concerns about the flight, she slept through the entire journey. Easy.

Fast forward two hours and we still haven’t found our villa. Between the four adults on this trip, not one of us has remembered to bring the directions.

Another hour in and still no sign of the villa. We’re driving down a deserted dirt track with no idea where we’re heading. I look at my sleeping baby, in her rickety Turkish carseat and feel sick. Continue reading


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Forget the Royal Wedding. For us, April’s been all about the holidays.

Our first family holiday abroad and bank holidays spent in the garden, enjoying our first barbecues of the summer.

This time last year, I looked like this…

I was nervous and excited, with no idea what to expect of the future (well, obviously I realised the future involved a baby, but that was pretty much it).

And now, here we are. Frog’s nearly one and I can’t imagine life without her. We’re finally doing all the things I imagined we’d do together as a family; holidays, day trips, picnics and barbecues. Life’s easier now we’re past the half-hourly feeds and the colicky cries and the adjustment to parenthood. Life’s good.

This picture was taken on our holiday to Turkey a couple of weeks ago. We visited the site of Aspendos, an incredibly preserved amphitheatre. I broke every health and safety law in the book and climbed to the top of the theatre, Frog in tow….

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