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Introducing: The home edition

So I’ve been back from my holiday for less than a week and it’s already time to step aside and hand some Mother’s Right limelight to you lot. Don’t say I never give you anything.

And in yet another act of unspeakable generosity, I’ll give a little recap as to what Introducing actually is. This is for anyone who’s new here, or who just hasn’t been paying attention.

Every Tuesday I send out an elephant-style trumpet for new friends. This is your chance to email me and introduce yourself. Then on Thursday, I pick three new friends (for this, read “blogs”) to bring to the rest of the blogosphere. The rules are simple but strict. All you have to do is email me with a link to your blog, but the limit is three a week. Anymore than that and I fear my brain will explode.

If you missed the sterling job Frau Fancy did holding the fort while I was away, catch up here and here. She brought us some brilliant new blogs and proved she’s as capable of work as the rest of us non-fancy lot.

So, this week the choices are mine. Oh, the power…

Circus Queen

For a funny, honest and thought-provoking read about pregnancy, this is the woman to visit. Circus Queen is on the eve of giving birth to her first child and writes so engagingly about her journey through pregnancy, I am as excited about the birth of her baby as I am any “real life” friends I know! What’s more, she lives in Bristol, which is where I’m from, earning her a big Introducing bonus point.

Her Melness Speaks Out

OK, so my daughter’s only ten months old. But I’m a regular visitor to this blog to see what lovely situations lie in wait for me when she becomes a teenager. Her Melness calls the subject of her blog The Gibberish Generation and writes about teenagers, parenting, relationships, the menopause…all sorts really. She has a raft of tips and anecdotes for living with teens, such as some must-read and very funny insights into how to tell if your child is lying. I’m personally storing all this as ammo to use once I make it through the baby years.

Not Missing Out

This is the go-to blog for anyone who needs to follow a lactose or gluten free diet. With recipes like Easter Bunny biscuits and Nachos, I defy anyone to leave this space without feeling slightly peckish.

That’s your lot for this week. Don’t forget to come back on Tuesday to answer my call for next week’s Introducing stars.



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The pet’s not dead

Sparkle's cousin

It’s always good to come back from a holiday to find your pet hasn’t died.

When I was little I used to rush home from every camping trip to France to find my rabbit, Sparkle, was still as alive and ferocious as ever. This made me sort of happy and sort of disappointed, as I harbored secret thoughts of replacing her with a docile little lop eared bunny who actually liked me and didn’t try to kill me every time I went near her. I don’t think she ever forgave me for christening her Sparkle.

Needless to say Sparkle came to a sticky end one rainy winter day after my dad decided to build a patio for her and her brother Patch. Being the recluse that she was, Sparkle burrowed a secret tunnel underneath the patio and used to spend hours down there, hiding her head in shame at her terrible name.  That turned out to be a bad move on this particularly rainy day, as there was a mini landslide and the patio came crashing down on her, finally putting her out of her bad-name-misery. We didn’t realise she’d left us until the next day, when Dad dug up the patio to find a Sparkle pancake underneath. I’ll never forget his stern words of “girls, look away – there’s nothing to see here”  before holding up my flat ferocious bunny.


But I digress. What I actually came to say was a big thank you to Frau Fancy for keeping Introducing alive while I swanned off on my un-Fancy trip for two weeks. It turns out old Fancy Pants is actually capable of work, just as capable in fact as any commoner. So thank you Fancy. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in, to bring us some brilliant new blogs while I was away.

Now it’s back to me. So, as ever, I want your blogs. Funny blogs, sad blogs, arty blogs, crafty blogs, baby blogs, teenage blogs, travel blogs, any-kind-you-want blogs. Please drop me a line to mothersalwaysright@gmail.com and tell me who you are and the name of your blog. I’ll then bring you three of these brilliant blogs on Thursday, as Introducing comes back home.

Better hope I don’t build a patio between now and then.


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