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Silent Sunday



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A mess and a present (for you)

Have you ever wished you could earn something from the mess your child makes? How about an Amazon voucher worth £75?

All you have to do is dig out a picture of your beautiful child making a huge mess. Something like this: Continue reading


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On the reality of spectacular plans

I write this amidst a sea of toys and half-read books, socks and abandoned crayons.

We were going to do something today. I’m not sure what. Just, well, something.

Instead, we have spent the morning making a mess without really doing anything. The day is already half over and we’ve only made it to the end of the garden. Continue reading


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Why a baby is better than Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

We’ve taken a fresh approach to interior design this week.

Gone are the old, boring, white walls. Hidden are the original timber beams. And camouflaged are the dull beige carpet and cream rug. In their place are spots of tomato sauce, layered with smudges of mashed potato, accompanied with a fine dusting of rice crispies and crusty sausage.

Frog has taken to decorating like a true pro. She’s really gunning for Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s job. Continue reading


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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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