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Me right now

It’s just after 9am on a Wednesday morning.

We’re into the last hour of the show and I’m catching up on tweets. Twitter says I’ve missed a good week on The Gallery.

I’m a bit miffed. Work and mum duties tend to have a habit of getting in the way of the blog at times.

So I ask our lovely producer Adrian to take a picture of me, right now. No fussing with hair. No trying to put my head at a flattering angle. I’m even still biting my nails.

Frog, this is what your mum does when she’s at work. This is me, right now.




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On becoming Radio Mum

Everything changes tomorrow. I’ll be ducking out of the early morning nappy battles and CBeebies sessions, swapping morning mum duties for getting behind a microphone. Tomorrow, I will become: Radio Mum.

Although the new show doesn’t actually start until the 9th of January, I have a few days to get Radio Mum down to a tee. In my head, Radio Mum swans into the studio looking all sleek, with a perfectly chosen outfit, manicured nails and glossy flowing Holly Willoughby-esque mane. Radio Mum is organised, having packed the baby’s change bag the night before, right before she laid out the baby’s clothes to save the husband a job in the morning. Radio Mum makes the tea as soon as she gets home from work at 1pm, ready to devote an entire afternoon to play with the baby and be Mum Extraordinaire. Continue reading


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I have some news…

No, I’m not pregnant.

But I will be experiencing excruciatingly early mornings very soon.

Because I’ve gone and got myself a new job. A new job that involves getting up at 4am. A new job that involves listening to lots of Take That. A new job that involves chatting. A new job that involves laughing – a lot. A new job that has “dream” written all over it (apart from the 4am alarm call, obviously). Continue reading


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The thing I hoped to have buried forever

It’s funny how having a baby can raise your shame levels to new heights.

After flashing my bits to a complete stranger during childbirth and exposing my naked breasts while breastfeeding in the fruit and veg section of the local supermarket, it takes a lot to make me cringe nowadays.

But there is still something that never fails to turn my cheeks deep crimson. And now,  because I’m a woman of my word, I will share the whole thing with you. Continue reading


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