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The one about the honeymoon

Now the jet lag has started to pass and the first day back at work is over, Cuba seems like a distant dream away.

This time last week I had just left Havana with the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine and was trying hard to quell a large lump in my throat at the thought of being away from Frog for four more days. Continue reading



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Silent Sunday


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Would you go abroad without your children?

Photo Credit: Trislander Sunset by Neil Howard
Tomorrow morning I am going to board a plane and fly 4,652 miles to Havana, Cuba. Without my daughter.
I’ll be with my husband. But not my 19 month old child. We’re leaving her at home with her grandparents. Continue reading


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Should all mums be of the Stay At Home variety?

This morning I got up at 3.45am and drove to work. I worked until 1pm, drove to the childminder’s to collect my daughter and eventually arrived back at home at 2.15pm. In a fit of Mother Guilt I decided to try and cram a million and one activities into the afternoon, culminating in making homemade pizza with my 19 month old.

I’ve written about the Mother Guilt before. It tears at me every morning as I leave the house, knowing I won’t be the first person to say good morning to my baby. It tugs a little more as I put her to bed at night, wondering if I have done all I can to be a good mum to her that day. Continue reading


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One today

Once upon a time there was a woman.

She had a wobbly tummy, big bags under her eyes and a yummy little baby.

But, despite this woman’s attributes, she was worried.

The whole year stretched ahead of her and she didn’t know what it would hold. She didn’t know when her yummy little baby would start sleeping through the night. She didn’t know if she would return to her old pre-baby job. She didn’t know how long she could continue to pretend she had a clue what she was doing when it came to being a mum. Continue reading


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Do you ever lie on Facebook?

Photo Credit: "Facebook's Secret Message to Me", by Nate Bolt


My husband isn’t on Facebook. The (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine did have a page, but decided to close it down. “If I want to speak to someone, I’ll ring them,” he said. “I don’t even really know half the people on there anyway.”

He has a point.

Since I started the new job at the beginning of the month, I’ve spent more time on Facebook. I get into work at 5am and it’s one of the first sites I check. It says a lot about the age we live in, that often the “big” things people are talking about will be picked up by social networking sites before other forms of media. Continue reading


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The politics of a lie-in


It’s no secret that becoming a parent often equals a big kiss goodbye to your old friend, sleep. Those mornings in bed during a weekend or holiday are a thing of the past.

Until it’s your turn for a lie-in.

But what no one tells you, before becoming a parent, is that the Lie-In is a complicated issue. Like the NHS, financial crisis and Eurozone, it’s something to be debated on many levels, with differing points of view, often ending in heated discussion. Continue reading


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What’s in a name?

Me. Changing my name.

I changed my name recently – getting married can do that to you. The thing is, I keep forgetting.

There’s nothing like being unable to place your own name to make other people think you’re an idiot.  It doesn’t help when you forget your address in the same sentence. Bloody forms. Why do they always need your name and address anyway? Stupid passports. You’d have thought a terribly unflattering picture would be enough.

Anyway, when I married the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine I decided not to follow my new husband’s suggestion and call myself Mrs Northern Love Machine. Instead I took his actual name: Weaver. Continue reading


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Shifting sands and crystal balls

Do you ever feel like you’re standing on a bank of shifting sand, trying not to fall over? Ever get that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach as you look to the future with no idea what it holds? Do you know how it feels not to be able to enjoy the present, because you’re too damn hooked up on what could be around the corner?

It’s Christmas soon. My favourite time of year. And with a toddler (who is yet to toddle) it should be even more exciting. Except it’s not. Because all I can think about is what happens afterwards; what January will hold for my family and I, as we try to negotiate those shifting sands. Continue reading


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The week I left my baby

So, I left my child to go off on a jolly. I dumped my 16 month old daughter on her grandparents so I could indulge in some mature adult fun with her father… Continue reading


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