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Silent Sunday



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Footsteps down memory lane, in my pretty shoes

It’s funny how something as mundane as a pair of shoes can evoke a memory in just the same way as a smell or a taste.

I’ve already blogged about the NLM’s slow-starter of a relationship with Frog. When she was tiny she was so reliant on me and my boobs, he felt a bit pushed out. He didn’t know how to interact with this shrivelled little person that looked like an old man, yet he wanted desperately to be a “good dad”.

Christmas was a turning point for us. Frog suddenly got interesting, with her raspberry blowing and squeals of laughter. Now, whenever I see her little red shoes, I’m reminded of this picture, which perfectly sums up the changing relationship between Frog and her dad. Continue reading


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Despite Gary Barlow’s best efforts, I’m officially off the market.

That’s right, I am now *gasp* a “Mrs”. I have a new husband, name and marital status.

This time one week ago I was slugging down wine and preparing for the first dance. I was still attempting to teeter around on too-high shoes (my new husband is six foot five, so the high shoes were a necessity) and look elegant in my beautiful dress. But the alcohol was also starting to take it’s toll, so the veil had been ditched and the laughing was getting a little raucous. Continue reading


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Karaoke Shoes

I’m going out tonight.


As in, really out. Not just to put the rubbish in the dustbin at the end of the garden. I’ll be in a proper pub with proper adults and proper alcohol and everything. And I can’t wait. Continue reading


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