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What you’re like now

Dear Frog,

You may not be walking yet, but at 21 months old you’re certainly not a baby.

What you are like now:

1) You shout NO! A lot.

2) You’re rapidly going off wearing a nappy.

3) You sing yourself to sleep with that popular nursery rhyme all about a Russian oligarch with a bladder problem; Tinkle Tinkle Little Tsar is your favourite song. Continue reading



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Finally, we’ve reached a major milestone

I’ll never forget the first time Frog smiled at me. A proper smile, I mean. She was about seven weeks old and was full to bursting with milk. Sitting on my knee, she looked me straight in the eye and flashed the most dazzling, gummy grin I’ve ever seen….

I remember this clearly, because I’d been worried she would never smile. Just as with everything else, Frog was the last of her baby peers to reach the smiling milestone. Continue reading


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And you thought Britney Spears was a diva…

Smiling for the camera in true diva fashion.

My daughter is a diva. Not in a good way.

This has never been more evident than in her behaviour this week. At times I thought she was actually going to put a pair of sunglasses on her 18 month old face and strut out of the room shouting “Talk to the hand, ‘cos the face ain’t listenin’…”.

Thursday was the pinnacle of the superstar behaviour. At around 2.30pm I received a text from the childminder saying “Please call me when you receive this message”. With my heart racing and my stomach churning I found out my daughter needed collecting. Immediately. Continue reading


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This mouth was made for talking

This is Frog a year ago:

And this is Frog now: Continue reading


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