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I think I have a problem

With wine on a Friday night.

It starts with a whisper at around midday. I can hear it humming softly from the fridge in all its cold, fresh, delicious glory.

The call gets steadily louder as the afternoon wears on. With each tantrum from my beautiful, highly-strung 20 month old daughter, the wine positively sings from the bottle stacked lovingly in its cosy white home in the corner of the kitchen. Continue reading



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Being a working mum. Or, “Attempts at staying afloat”.

For the past couple of months I have been asked one question time and time again,  in various different forms.

It goes something like this, “I just don’t know how you do it”. Or, “I couldn’t do it, I don’t know how you do”. Or, “You should really take care – I mean, I just don’t know how you manage it”.

In each situation, the person is talking about my work. Continue reading


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Do you ever lie on Facebook?

Photo Credit: "Facebook's Secret Message to Me", by Nate Bolt


My husband isn’t on Facebook. The (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine did have a page, but decided to close it down. “If I want to speak to someone, I’ll ring them,” he said. “I don’t even really know half the people on there anyway.”

He has a point.

Since I started the new job at the beginning of the month, I’ve spent more time on Facebook. I get into work at 5am and it’s one of the first sites I check. It says a lot about the age we live in, that often the “big” things people are talking about will be picked up by social networking sites before other forms of media. Continue reading


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I have some news…

No, I’m not pregnant.

But I will be experiencing excruciatingly early mornings very soon.

Because I’ve gone and got myself a new job. A new job that involves getting up at 4am. A new job that involves listening to lots of Take That. A new job that involves chatting. A new job that involves laughing – a lot. A new job that has “dream” written all over it (apart from the 4am alarm call, obviously). Continue reading


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