Former disco queen, turned journalist, turned mum, I live in a village in Berkshire with the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine and our daughter Frog.

I like prawns, hot cups of tea (a rarity), wine (especially the fizzy kind), Take That and making chutney. I also enjoy a good Poirot and LOVE shark documentaries.

Since having my daughter Frog (not her real name – I’m not that mean) in June 2010 I’ve been rather busy. I found out I enjoyed writing things other than the news. I found out creativity needn’t just be about finding the best top line into a breaking story. I found out writing keeps me sane.

I started flexing my wordsmith muscles a little more and began branching out into feature writing, copywriting, ghost blog writing. I write a lot.

And then I got a new job.

I now earn a crust as a radio presenter for Heart. This means I get out of bed at 3.45am Monday to Friday, drive 45 minutes to work, co-present a breakfast radio show, do some prep, drive 45 minutes home and collect my daughter. I then spend the afternoon negotiating toddler tantrums and pretending I’m laid back about how messy my house is. Then, during the evenings and weekends, I tap away at the computer, writing, copywriting, blogging, tweeting.

I am mostly very tired.

Clearly the title of this blog is ironic. I have spent many days of Motherhood so far thinking I am never going to know how to “do it”, let alone “do it right”. But on those days I just try to remember there is no right way to do it. No “right” way, that is, except my own way.

And if that doesn’t work, I ask my mum. Because if I’m not right, my mum almost always is.


14 responses to “Me

  1. Sophie

    I am absolutly LOVING this new blog!! now that I dont have excuses to come round and see the the little man and frog I love hearing about it all 😀
    I will come soon for tea and biscuits at the Gues and hopfully bump in to you both!
    Love ‘Nanny Sophie’ x

  2. Kimberley-May

    Hi I have just found you blog and found it so very helpful! So I was just wondering if you have any tips on beating loneliness while being pregnant. I have just started my 14th week and, like you, was the first to fall pregnant in my group of friends, so while they go on nights out, my partner is out at work, I find myself at home becomeing quite lonely, I don’t have a great relantionship with my mother either, thank you xx

    • Hi Kimberley – thanks for stopping by! It is a tough one and I am by no means an expert. But I would say it’s definitely worth signing up for NCT classes. You will likely meet new friends this way, who are in the same situation as you and facing the same tough (but exciting) times. I recently wrote an article about loneliness in new mums and spoke to another mum who did NCT antenatal classes – Have you thought about planning some nights in with your friends? Film nights / cinema / meals out? There are lots of things you can do that don’t involve boozing! I was so bloody knackered in the first trimester I only wanted to sleep anyway! xx

  3. Hi, I found you on BMB and like your honest account of motherhood, it makes good reading! The title of of your blog rings very true, my Mum’s favourite saying in fact and somewhat scarily very true! x

  4. Have you read ‘What Mothers Do’ by Naomi Stadlen? It’s the only baby book worth reading- the one where she tells you that you are always right, and you’re doing a brilliant job! Laurax

  5. Kathleen Thomas


    I have a question about your site, would you mind emailing me back @


  6. I love your blog. Please can you tell me how you insert your badges on the sidebar? I’ve been searching endlessly for the answer on Google but have found nothing!

  7. Your blog is great! A really enjoyable and easy flowing read. Posts made me laugh out loud a number of times! Look forward to reading more. x

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